Kitchen Cupboards

Ideas for remodeling and organizing your kitchen cupboards, plus other great kitchen ideas including small kitchen design tips.

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are a major factor in any kitchen design. Here are ways to spruce up and organize your kitchen cupboards, with tips for kitchen cupboard doors, general kitchen ideas plus some great solutions for crafting cheap kitchens that feel like designer kitchens!

Consider all the time you have spent looking at your kitchen cupboards over the years, wishing they were more attractive. Each morning, when you wake up and stumble into the kitchen for that all important cuppa joe to help you face the day, what are you greeted with? Dingy, depressing or outright hideous kitchen cupboards? Or perhaps you’re just tired of seeing the same old, same old. As you sip your coffee, maybe you glance over the edge of your mug, eyeing the worn cupboards and quietly vow to yourself that you’ll address the issue when you have the time or money to do something about it. And you make a mental note to think about it again another day.

Kitchen Cupboards

Mornings are challenging enough–drab surroundings sure don’t help! Why not do a little something to spruce up your kitchen now? Consider how much time you’ve spent staring at the same old view, and compare that with how much time it would take to give your kitchen a lift. When you discover how surprisingly little time, effort or cost is required, you might wonder why you’ve put it off for so long. It’s time to make that early morning trek to the kitchen just a little more pleasant!

Kitchen Cupboard Ideas

Since kitchen cupboards take up the bulk of the visual space in a kitchen, focusing on their refurbishment is a top priority when considering any kitchen remodel. Whether it’s painting kitchen cupboards or doing something else to freshen up their look, giving your cupboards a new lease on life will greatly impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen design.

You may want to simply rip out the existing cupboards and replace them with brand new sets, and if your pocketbook doesn’t mind, that’s certainly a viable option. But if the “bones” of your kitchen cupboards are in good shape, consider instead working with what you’ve got, and direct your funds towards enhancing the cupboards you have. Fitting your existing cupboards with slide-out drawers, built-in Lazy Susans, pull-out pantries or hinged drop-down shelves improves the usefulness of your cupboard space, and makes everyday life a little bit easier. Just think: no more dragging over the step stool to reach down that extra can of coffee stored on the top shelf!

Drop Down Shelf

You can have conveniences such as these custom-made for your kitchen. But when there are so many pre-fabricated options on the market in dimensions made to fit most standard kitchen cupboards, there’s usually no need to go to the extra expense of ordering custom components.

Drop Down Shelf

Interior Design Ideas

Maybe the exteriors of your kitchen cupboard doors are just fine, but the thought of opening those doors terrifies you, due to how cramped and disheveled everything is inside. If this is the case, then you need to consider the interior design of your kitchen cupboards. Some well-placed organizers or multi-layered shelves may be the answer. Perhaps simply thinning down the number of items stored in the cupboards will do the trick (after all, how many sports water bottles do you really need?). Kitchen cupboards are most functional and pleasing when their interior design is taken into account along with their external appearance.

New Kitchen, Dream Kitchen–YOUR Kitchen!

Don’t go another day dreading your dreary drawers and contemplating your contemptible cupboards. Give your kitchen cupboards that renewal you’ve desired for so long, and once the job’s done, see if your first cup of coffee doesn’t magically taste just a little bit better.

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